The Art of YOU

Life is simple but we insist on making it complicated. Confucius

At times, it can feel like events in life overwhelm the ability to simply hold things together. But adults are expected to be able to “handle things”, and “manage” life. The word adult means to be grown up, mature. But being a grown a** adult day-in and day-out, year after year, can wear on the spirit. Simplification is one way to come to grips with what the daily grind. Leonardo Da Vinci once wrote, Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Which goes against the modern materialistic consumer society. Simple things are sometimes dismissed as humdrum and having little value. But there is elegance in simplicity.

Working with the hands can be a very satisfying way to insert moments of simple serenity into everyday life. Part of the art of living simply is to find what comes natural to a person. Leisure time activities, or hobbies, are a reflection of an individual’s personal style. This cheerful expression of the inner self recharges the spirit and lightens one’s heart. In these relaxing moments, the mind is still and thoughts clarify from the subconscious into the conscious. These “aha moments” are born from the soothing stillness of enjoying one’s passions. Be content with what you have; / rejoice in the way things are. / When you realize there is nothing lacking, / the whole world belongs to you.Lao Tzu

Many people lose the small joys in the hope for the big happiness. – Pearl S. Buck Art is not simply the fine or performing arts. Dozens of books have the phrase “The Art of…”. Art is skill. Skills are learned through practice. People train their minds as they practice the art of a hobby. This mental training pushes out negative energy, and minimizes external troubles. Accumulated contented moments create a reserve of positive energy drawn upon during difficult times. Many people have heard the idiom, “Happy as a clam”, but few know it is derived from the expression “Happy as a clam at high tide.” Clams are happy at high tide because they are safe from clam diggers. Just as the small joys from doing what one loves insulates the spirit with positivity.

Take time for the simple pleasures that tug at your heart-strings. The rate of change has increased. It seems millions must abandon their wants and desires in favor of holding on to what they need. As the Rolling Stones said, You can’t always get what you want / But if you try sometime you find / You get what you need . Stop and admire the beauty of your life. Hit pause and enjoy the Art of You.

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