Rediscover Inner Peace

Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.Mahatma Gandhi

Humans are spiritual beings. The metaphysical terrain covered by the spirit can be boundless Or the spirit can be cruelly conscripted into struggle against reality. Far too many people limit their inner world to a mental battleground which pits their tightly held grudges and grievances against various perceived “enemies” of one stripe or another. The self-identity looses touch with the Universe’s unwavering love and becomes fragile and feels as if their spirit is transitory and on the brink of annihilation. Self-imposed limits of life can turn the beauty into trash, but rediscovering wonderment and wisdom can reconnect the spirit to the divine.

The distractions offered by the modern world can bewilder the mind. Along the way from childhood to adulthood, various intoxicants and sensual pleasures can steer one down dead ends or thorny paths. Dependence upon substances and unhealthy choices wears down the spirit and binds the self to unreal worlds built upon detrimental illusions. Leaving out illegal substances, obsessions with legal intoxicants damage the physical body and compress the spirit into a genie bottle only opened after overdoing it, or upon a sense overwhelming dread. The body becomes a battered vessel for self-loathing and well-rehearsed excuses. It will only change once an individual admits life does not have to be that way.

Seeing mostly shadows and darkness all around limits a person’s capacity for change. The spirit becomes bounded by thousands of lengths of frayed nerves and knotted cords of anxiety. There are however occasional effervescent moments of sunshine and clarity. If one slowly shifts their focus from the shadows to the light, life will improve. As with any self-improvement, the individual must self-select their inspiration. Gathering up bits of inspirational stardust and moonbeams, finding spiritual amulets and talismans transforms the life-path from a labyrinth of doubt more towards a path of certainty. There is a way out. The individual must self-actualize those the stepping stones of self-confidence to cross those dark streams. The radiant path will appear.

Seek knowledge, first from the wise, and then from the source of all things. There are many who have discovered the Way. Not the Way in the sense of the one and only way, for there is no absolute path. But the Way in the sense that this is a Universe of Change. Change is the very nature of reality, down to the sub-atomic quantum foam that generates this physical world we inhabit. That which we all agree is Real, is in constant flux. The further down the rabbit hole of physics one goes, the more one realizes the answers they seek are more metaphysical in nature than scientific methods can measure. There is absolutely no proof that your spirit exists, but there you sit, believing it is real and so it is. The “existence” of the soul has never been proven scientifically because it can’t be verified by instruments and formulations. The Universe is; therefore the Soul is. The equation is as simple as that. Believe it.

Right now, the miraculous is constantly unfolding and refolding, shaping and reshaping the world in which we all live. There are countless other worlds, but individuals can never begin to infer the worlds’ existence before discovering inner peace. The individual’s inner world must become a Garden of Light. Tended with love and care for the wondrous spirit born with the physical body, but not limited by it. Nourish the beauty of your inner world in serenity. Know that your spirit is the quintessence of the sacred universe. Peace

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