Good Vibes

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.Albert Einstein

Want to pick up on some good vibrations? Everything is vibrating from the subatomic scale to the galactic. The human brain hums at various frequencies during the day. Researchers have documented these vibrations on a scale from 0.1 – 100 Hertz. Gamma Waves – 31-100 hertz represent insight, focus, expanded consciousness. Beta Waves – 16-30 hz occur signify concentration and being alert. Alpha Waves 8-15hz manifest during times of creativity and relaxed visualization. Theta Waves 4-7 Hz are generated during meditation. Delta Waves 0.1 – 3Hz are created by deep awareness, healing and sleep. But these are limited, modern mechanical measurements. Ancient thinkers documented far greater good vibes thousands of years ago.

感应 – Ganying – is a primeval concept of ancient Chinese philosophy that echoes across millennia. One direct translation of the term would be stimulus and response. But the term has far ranging philosophical connotations based on the complimentary vibrations of Qi (Chi) across the universe. In Taoism the concept could stated as the universal sympathetic resonance of everything. Confucians would use the concept to represent an ethical vibration between humans and the heavens. Chinese Buddhists would say it was answered prayers, while Chinese folk beliefs relate the concept to righteous revenge. The underlying vibratory concept is used in modern scientific definitions such as dianci ganyingelectromagnetic induction and even the paranormal – chao ganying ESP. All are connected through resonance and vibrations.

One of the most ancient books known to humankind is the “Book of Changes” – the YiJing, westernized as I-Ching. The Book of Changes is based on Sixty-Four hexagrams which have their roots in the distant primordial past. The legend of the hexagrams credits their creation to around 2000 BC by a mythological hero who additionally created humans, writing, farming, and writing. The line descriptions of each hexagram are said to have been first written down during the Zhou Dynasty around 1100 BC. Answers to ten thousand questions can be discovered by studying the book. Through sincere study of the book’s venerable vibrations, glimpses of possible futures can be divined. The core foundation remains – all things are constantly changing. Change is the very nature of the Universe. At the same time, the harmonious vibes of Qi connect the Cosmos in a self-generating flow based on: continuity, wholeness and great dynamic energy. This webpage, your computer, you – are all vibrating with varying degrees of harmonious energy. Close your eyes and feel the vibes.

In the Tao, good vibes flow when things are in sympathetic resonance (ganying). Earth and the Cosmos are energized each by the other and all things flow into being. When wisdom stimulates the hearts and minds of people, the world can find peace. By seeking to understand the source of universal vibration we can know the nature of all beings. This understanding can silence our deepest fears, such as death and annihilation. By understanding all things change, we can find peace in troubled times, and accept that Life/Death are linked within the universal cycle of constant transformation. Fear begins to melt away when we know our spirit/soul transforms and endures – forever and ever.

Find ways for your heart-mind to resonate with the world around you. According to ancient Taoists texts, Things of the same kind summon each other, those with the same vital energy join together. Wander out into nature and hear the symphony of life, feel the vibrant waves echoing across infinity. Focus on your breathing. Mute the dissonance of logical questioning. Sense the ancient resonance ever-present in this sumptuous world floating atop the cosmic ocean. Open your heart. Harmonize your spirit with the natural state of all things. Open your mind to the glorious soul-waves rippling into and from your true being – your undying essence. Never stop transmitting and receiving the good vibrations. Peace and Love.

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