Following Your Bliss

If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. – Joseph Campbell

Billions of people are searching for ways to change their lives. Restlessness is part of human nature. But choices made out of impatient expedience or short-lived wants seldom work out. The world continues to undergo a massive cultural shift. The ravages of the pandemic continue to slash and burn here in America and glow into life globally like life-devouring seeds sewn by demons. The once glittering allure of big cities is being left in the rear-view mirrors as millions pack the car and light out for the hills. But this is not the time for hasty retreats. This is the time for finding and following your bliss, as Joseph Campbell advised. But what is bliss? How does one find it? And how do you follow bliss?

To begin with, bliss and happiness are not the same thing. Happiness is based on emotions and because of that eventually those emotions are fleeting. Bliss is a state of mind, and as such it can be ever present. As an analogy: Happiness is like the weather, while Bliss is like the climate. Yes, the climate is changing, but think of changing life towards long-term trends towards bliss, instead of being guided emotionally by whichever way the winds blow. People have to do something to be happy; bliss is simply there. All too often people chase after happiness like stepping stones, all the while ignoring the glorious flow around them. Leaping from one temporary happiness to another will never lead to bliss. Bliss accompanies the spirit on the journey through life. Bliss is stirring in the soul – right now.

Where is my bliss? That sounds odd doesn’t it. To cry out for bliss like it is lost car keys or a new pair of socks – is silly. Like a loyal companion, bliss does come when called upon it, but there must be time allotted and space given to nurture the blossoming of bliss. Finding that groove, being in the flow, peak experiences, with the muse, … all are expressions of bliss. Each individual is unique in how this is discovered. Walking in nature, alone in a room, sitting before an altar, ….But all share the act of removing oneself from the normal routine. Dedicate the time each day. This can be in a private space, eyes closed with headphones, no phone, no news, no interruptions – just the spirit at peace – the heart at rest and bliss will come to guide you towards that track towards a lasting life you ought to be living instead of chasing after momentary happiness. Listen to your intuition.

But how does one follow this bliss? Uncertainty is the key that unlocks one’s bliss. There will be something inside, a magnetic pull, a slight breeze, a feeling of easiness – a feeling of refreshing tranquility and lack of tension. This is where the intuition signals something just feels right. Remember this is not about financial reward, and there are not metrics for measuring bliss. Whenever uncertainty arises – embrace it. To boil it down to a motto – Be Yourself. Have courage to follow your bliss to your authentic self. There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be… – John Lennon

Seek solace in solicitude. It is not selfish to be yourself. Once the light of bliss is shining within, life is revealed as the adventure it truly is. This does not happen overnight. But by connecting to a spiritual center, bliss does arrive and becomes the guide onto the true path. Open the mind to the adventures that await. Put away the blueprint, forget the itinerary – explore the life ahead. Begin today to follow your bliss. You never know where bliss might lead.

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