Recipe for Joy in Life’s Berry Patch

A somewhat satirical extended metaphor

Some of the sweetest berries grow among the sharpest thorns. Gaelic Proverb

Life is like a berry patch

The thick brambles of challenges

Can seem like impenetrable obstacles

Though the passage requires effort

Take mindful steps

Discover the way forward

Prickly sorrowful thorns abound

While wounds of disappointment

And punctures of deceit

Await the tender flesh

Focus the mind

Be self-aware

Reach into the void

Risk brings rewards

Do not blindly plunder the bounty

Tenderly ply the fingers round the yield

Take gentle measure of the firm plumpness

Tease the freshest fruit from its perch

Reach deeply into the dewy treasury

Extract the joy drupelet by drupelet

And deposit the juicy gems

In your banquet bowl

Earnestly wash the fleshy fruit

Mix with sparkling sugar

Puree the tart-sweet elements

Joyously pour them into the jam pot

Watch the alchemist’s crucible

Stir the transforming brew

When liquid has been transmuted to syrupy jelly

Extinguish the fire

Sneak a taste


Ever so gently transfer the jam

Betwixt pot and jar

The purple ambrosia flows

Relish the licks of sweetness

Spoon by spoon

Smile by smile

Return to the sweet spot

Before Autumn’s winds

And winter’s white blanket

Urge the happy berries to sleep

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