New Videos from my time in China


This is a photo of an amazing lady pulling a giant hand cart loaded with practically a store worth of furniture. Women in China work incredibly hard.

I am posting videos to YouTube of my time in China. I am writing an extended piece on Medium called: My China Journal: Letters from the Flip Side. It covers my time living in China for twelve years.

I spent five years in Hangzhou China. Over the years, I was the top foreign lecturer in my college. I was the managing foreign editor and lead writer for a monthly magazine and weekly newspaper. I convinced my wife to marry me while living there also.

In the winter, locals hang meat outside to dry. I noticed this when I was going to work at the magazine and saw hunks of pork hanging with little girl’s underwear.

Above is a video from the Taoist God of Luck Temple on the Jade Emperor Mountain. The temple was near my magazine’s office. The old lady dance group were part of a club.

My wife and I joined one of my editors for a Lantern Day Festival/Food Festival/ Chinese Opera evening. Lantern Day is the official end of the Chinese New Year. I captured the perfect 12 seconds of audio visual to typify China – fireworks, car honking, people shouting and alarms going off – incredible cacophony. The amazing young woman I worked with at the magazine is a great person, and she and Hong got me to try Stinky Tofu for the first time – terrifyingly awful.

One of the dishes we brought home was – Beggar’s Chicken – a whole chicken wrapped in a giant lotus leaf. Frightening.

Chinese New year fireworks outside my university apartment window. Hong went home, and I wandered the city alone.

I was interviewed by the local TV news. I reported on the ribbon cutting for the China International Animation Festival for the magazine. The boss made a deal for advertising money by promising I would write about the event. My reputation and modicum of ‘fame’ are growing according to my fellow editors. The other day, I interviewed the Vice Minister of Propaganda – Nice ominous title for a rather pleasant middle age woman. I covered the 4th Annual Animation Festival as a reporter. My wife told me to pose with the coplayers so she could take the photo of me with my press pass.

I had to ride a bus for an hour several days a week to go to most of my university classes. I took this photo from my classroom of a traditional ox plow.

These ancient statues are part of a long gone temple. I will be posting more photos and videos of my years in China. Peace.

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