Fat Bear Winner Announced

The results are in and with 47,055 votes bear #747 is the champion Fat Bear for 2020.

To quote the Fat Bear Week website:

“Lardaceous Leviathan Levels Chunky Challenger

The votes are in! You’ve crowned the Earl of Avoirdupois, bear 747, the 2020 Fat Bear Week Champion. 747’s voluminous visage eclipsed 32’s chunky chassis. No longer the runner-up, 747 fulfills the fate of the fat and fabulous as he heads off to hibernation.”

He is estimated to weigh around 1,400 pounds of 636 kilos. Now that is a whole lot of bear. Feast your eyes on his glorious girth.

For those of you considering a hike through bear country – reconsider it. Bears can be dangerous. Here is some great advice from experts.

From a Bear Biologist.

Staying Safe Around Bears National Park Service

For more information check out this great page from REI.

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