EZ Emergency Ice Cream

Simple recipe made with just two ingredients

The pandemic is still raging; seasons are changing and anxiety is running high. There are times when you want a frozen treat but don’t want to go out. With this easy Emergency Ice Cream recipe you can whip up some tasty relief with two ingredients. Many people are stocking their shelves, consider adding a few cans of evaporated milk.

Ingredients: Powdered Sugar, evaporated milk.

Evaporated milk is shelf-stable canned milk. It is made by removing about 60% of the water from fresh milk. It is different from sweetened condensed milk in that it contains added sugar. In some countries, it is known as “unsweetened condensed milk”.

Put the can of evaporated milk in the refrigerator overnight. The amount of sugar you use is up to you, but around a cup and half of powdered sugar is recommended. If you don’t have powdered sugar at home, you can make your own with a coffee grinder or blender in thirty seconds. A coffee grinder works pretty well.

Pour the evaporated milk in a large bowl. Whip the milk until frothy. If you don’t have a mixer, you can can use a fork. When you have a good froth on top start adding the powdered sugar. Keep mixing until your arm gets weary 🙂

Put the bowl in the freezer for an hour. After an hour, take the bowl out and mix up the contents for a few minutes.

Return to the freezer. Repeat, mixing and freezing, every hour for two or three more times. The mix will start to thicken.

When the mixture has the consistency of pudding, put the confection into a covered bowl.

Freeze overnight in the covered bowl.

Enjoy your creation whenever you have an ice cream emergency.

Cheers. Additions: vanilla, fruit, chocolate syrup, nuts, leftover Halloween candy, …

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