Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. Martin Luther King Jr.

Light is life. The sparkle of humankind increases with all our distinctive lights. Each and every open heart illuminates life and drives away doom and gloom. A life lived in willful ignorance is woven from shadows. And there have always been malevolent specters who fabricate falsehoods in order to snare the misinformed and oblivious. But they can be turned from seeking further darkness. Be a lightgiver. Stand firm and shine with a steady light at the crossroads. Light the way for them. Shine forth with the unwavering conviction.

Our Universe, and our life emerged from the darkness into the light. The spectrum of truth in our life is reflected in our viewpoint. This point of view is changeable. Day after day, bad news, dire warnings, and gray skies can dampen the spirits and paralyze the will. It is in anticipation of these days that we must steel our hearts and strengthen our spirits. When hope is overshadowed by uncertainty, resist immersing your soul further into the darkness. Look beyond the pale shadows of doubt. Persevere. Rise up into the light and shed the gray cloak of resignation.

Let me use our homegrown bitter melon as an illustration of perseverance. Bitter melon is a powerful medicinal vegetable. It originally came from India where it is known as karela. It is eaten throughout Asia in fact. My wife enjoys eating them not just for the taste but for the healthiness. To her the flavor is delicious, nutritious and healthy. As an American from the Midwest, they are strange, bitter and I swallow the pieces without chewing. But I believe in their health benefits, because I trust and believe in my wife. The plant does not grow outside easily where we live, and so she made a window box and planted it inside. Each day she cared for the plant, and watched the sunlight power its growth, until the plant sprouted a single bitter melon. Just before it was time to harvest, my wife’s dad died and she had to go back to her hometown.

I continued to care for her beloved bitter melon, and promised to collect the seeds. A week after she left, the plant burst open and started dropping these blood red seeds. Although we are almost 10,000 miles apart, we are making plans for next season. That is what we all must do now. Although we may be away from loved ones, we must trust and plan for the light of next year. Believe the seasons to come will be brighter, and they will.

Each day the sun rises, and each day the sun sets. It is darkest before the dawn. But the light always returns. The truth and beauty of life is eternal. In the darkest times, a million lights glow within us: faith, hope, truth, love, peace, happiness, and more. These are the lightgivers of our lives. Positive light conquers the negating dark. Hold up the candle of hope and guide others away from despair and into the light. Stay safe and keep healthy. Peace

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