Love Peace and Soul

Wherever there is love, there is life. Mahatma Gandhi

I have been dreading these days for months. This week in America the number of deaths due to the pandemic rose above 250,000 – A Quarter of a Million. And that number could possibly double before spring. I have found it difficult to find the light ahead. Yesterday and today were haunted by a deep and potent angst – dread, anxiety. The frightening amount of death – 250,000 – projected months ago had become all too real. But it is not the number. Like so many statistics, people lose sight of the reality behind the numbers – more than a quarter of a million unique people are no longer with us. Thinking about so many empty chairs and empty pillows, broke my heart. But this afternoon as I marveled at a double rainbow, I found hope in three words: Love, Peace and Soul

Warren Zevon Keep Me in Your Heart for a While

I learned about love from my mom. I learned how to give love from becoming a father. And I learned how to receive love from my children. An old song from my childhood said, What the world needs now is love. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love those around you. Love that you are on this good earth. No matter your troubles and woes – You are Here and You are Loved. Life is the divine vessel for receiving and giving love. All of us alive now are cousins. And as cousins, we are family. Our human family could use a lot more love in our life right now at the end of this viscous year 2020. Please stop and think the next time you feel cross, or upset at others. Your cousins need your understanding. See the world through the prism of love, and there may truly be peace on earth.

To quote one of my heroes Louis Armstrong, It seems to me that the world isn’t so bad, its what we are doing to it… Love baby Love, that’s the secret.

I wrote a week ago about how my WWII combat veteran uncle said they won the peace. Peace can be hard to maintain in uncertain times. But we all can seek inner peace. Increased inner peace will lead to increased world peace. Inwardly peaceful/ Outwardly peaceful. Find a way to calm your heart and soothe your mind. When I was young, other boys started fights with me. Maybe it was because I was big for my age, or I didn’t run away. My dad told me to never start a fight, but always end them. And I ended every one and never lost a fight. But afterwards, I felt terrible. Later in life, I figured those terrible feelings must have been because those bullies took away my peaceful nature. I have since learned how to cultivate inner peace. Nurture your inner peace and feed your soul.

Love Peace and Soul

When I was young guy (still am on the inside 🙂 I used to watch the TV show Soul Train. The R&B, Soul and Blues music resonated with something deep inside me. The host, the great Don Cornelius, ended every show with the words Love, Peace and Soul. That three word blessing set loose a stream of positive energy washing over my heart every time. Although the effect only lasted a few minutes, the vibration was there, harmonizing with the greater world, out there over the rainbow. Those three words – Love – Peace – Soul – plugged my heart into real human power. America was a troubled place when I was a kid: war, assassinations, protests, riots. But those troubles gave rise to soulful expressions in music and other arts. Just as the Dark Ages gave rise to the Renaissance, these times that try our souls, will also inspire great outpourings of creativity.

Al Green – United We Stand – October 2001 – Change is Gonna Come

Many cultures celebrate holidays at the end of the year: Diwali – the Festival of Lights was last weekend, and next week America will celebrate Thanksgiving. This year there have been a lot of discussions about whether or not to hold traditional Thanksgiving get-togethers. In a word – NO!

Why would you risk killing your close family and friends and at the same time, risk the lives of every one they meet in the next two weeks. Is marking another holiday worth becoming one of the potential 250,000 who might die before spring? Just for some turkey, pie and cranberry? Stay home. The life you save may be your own or those your love. Celebrate Thanksgiving by enjoying some Love, Peace and Soul. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay home.

The Beatles Here Comes the Sun

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