My Three Hundredth Post

In order to write about life first you must live it.– Ernest Hemingway

To celebrate, I am happy to announce the national publication Poetry Quarterly will publish one of my poems in their upcoming edition. The poem is one of my neotranscendentalist poems about nature. This injection of good news was just the soul-vitamin I needed.

I am especially thrilled to have received this great news here at the end of the horrid year 2020.

The world has been transformed since I started this blog last year. My wife and I both lost our fathers this year. The past two months, I have been self-isolating alone. Fortunately, I have had my writing and my art to accompany me through the gloom. I have started ink painting again. Here are a couple examples. This is the first time I have used ink on canvas. I use dozens of layers of washes to create these.

Goddess of the Waves

The second painting is the first in series based around the Wuji (Taoism) Enso (Zen). Here is a brief explanation of the Wuiji / Enso excerpted from my novel in progress – English Corner.

For the Taoist, the Wuji is the original form of the universe. Wuji is represented by an open circle. It represents the Tao in stillness. The characters for Wuji can be translated as endless or infinity. Then motion – energy creates a vibration or spin, which become the twin Yin and Yang energies of the Taiji…

…The Taiji – twin energies of Yin and Yang – is constantly transforming, one into the other. This yin/yang energy manifests the ten thousand things. It has also been called nothingness or a void. In Japanese Zen, this circle is called enso. It represents similar ideas, but to many artists the enso symbolizes the moment the spirit of the master reaching into the void and setting the energy of creation in motion. The enso’s circle remains open to represent our incompleteness…

Mountain Muse – Enso 1

I have been diving deeper into fiction writing. My novel in progress English Corner is a semi-autobiographical work based on the first months I lived in China. My goal is to have it ready to submit by the end of the year.
Thank you all for reading my blog, please recommend my posts to your readers and friends. Let’s all stay healthy and make the year 2021 the start of a personal renaissance. In Peace and Love.

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