Conjunction with the Unknown

Don’t try to comprehend with your mind. Your minds are very limited. Use your intuition. – Madeleine L’Engle

The light on the horizon was a fishing boat. The sun had already set.

It isn’t obligation that gets our feet moving in the mornings; it is anticipation. The anticipation of something better. And the deep down awareness that the something we achingly deserve in our bones may never arrive, may never even be seen up close – that is the existential dread of being human. To forestall those aspirations takes immeasurable courage. That is the courage I see in young people all around me – hear in the voices of my dearest adult children. Their spirits are an intravenous drip of medicinal syrup into my soul.

… We need the sweet pain of anticipation to tell us we are really alive. – Albert Camus

The unknown is a paradox from which anything may appear – anything you can imagine. Think of that for a minute. You have within you a kiln of creation that transforms raw clay into vessels for dreams. Grab a handful of humble clay, shape it with visions lovingly decorated. Strike the spark of anticipation to the kindling of dreams. Stoke those fires of imagination with intuition, joy and hope. For it is the flow of hope pulsing through our veins that provides resilience. Cherish the results.

Did you know all people have a gut-brain? You have probably said, “I feel it in my gut” many times. The thinking and emotional parts of our nervous system, the top of which is our brains, communicate back-and-forth with the intestines and other organs along the biggest nerve in our bodies – Vagus Nerve. And the feeling in your gut, is the “voice” of intuition. This ancient connection is our great conjunction with our human-nature. Long before words formed in our ancient ancestors minds, there were depictions of their relationship to world around them. Look at these incredible images of rock art recently discovered in the Amazon. But how do we modern people interpret these images? Feel the impact it has on your gut-brain.

In Taoist thought the Universe is a conduit for energy and our body has three focal points for this energy called “dantian”. Upper dantian – the mind; middle dantian – the heart; lower dantian – the gut or navel furnace. To find the energy furnace in your gut place three or four fingers just below your navel. Have you ever felt something stir in this area? That is your energy furnace. So-called “navel gazing” is not about staring at your belly-button, it is about focusing, harnessing and channeling this life-energy.

In the Vedic tradition this is the area of your Sacral Chakra, or in Sanskrit – the Swadhisthana Chakra. It is the center of your creative and sexual energy. In Zen Buddhism and martial arts this area is called the “Hara”.

Understanding the unknown is like this clip from the fantastic movie Arrival. The linguist is explaining to the general that misinterpretation can be a disaster. She tells him a false, but effective, story. She says, when Captain Cook ship ran aground in Australia and one of the crew pointed at the animal and asked what is that? The aboriginal person said, “Kangaroo.” Which they later found out means “I don’t understand.”

Did you know that mountain gorillas were not “discovered” by non-Africans until 1902? For the thousands of years before that, the magnificent animals were myths, except to the local people. These beautiful creatures were unknown to outsiders. There were stories, such as those from Hanno the Navigator 2500 years ago. Having no frame of reference for this large unknown animal – gave them the local name – gorilliai. But he referred to them hairy savages, mostly women. So the Ancient Greek word for gorilla translates as “tribe of hairy women”. This was probably unknown to most of you until now. Today imagine you are an explorer and you come upon an unknown image, like the rock art, or a fantastical creature, like gorillas or kangaroos, how would you explain it to me? Embrace the unknown and shape it into the known. Create something wonderful these days. Don’t do it necessarily for others, but do it for yourself. Peace and Love

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