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I can happily say I had my second Covid-19 vaccine dose two weeks ago. According to doctors, I currently have immunity. I feel like it is a second birthday of a sort. The pent-up tension, stress and anxiety have been slipping away. Being alone for the past six months has taught me a lot about myself.

Over the next four days I will be offering a series of my writing for FREE on Amazon. If you download and like the book, please leave a review, or even better, buy the book and leave a review 🙂

April 15 – Chinese Dreaming – The collected thoughts of China’s Millennials

This is a collection of writing from hundreds of former students. The world’s relationship with China is more important than ever before. Discover insight into the future of China through the writing of hundreds of millennials from one of China’s richest provinces.

April 16 – Unboxing Your Soul.

We are all wandering timelessly through paradise. Unboxing your soul reveals who you truly are. After a miraculous epiphany changed my life forever, I wanted to share what manifested in my life after I unboxed my soul. I hope by reading this book you can discover your own unique way to unbox your soul and manifest a brighter future.

Saturday April 17, Searching for Su Shi – Discovering the genius poet’s final transformation.

Enjoy this journey of discovery. Read never before translated recipes for medicinal wine and Dongpo Pork created by the happy genius poet/artist. Learn about the two thousand year old Taoist meditation known as “sitting and forgetting”. Follow the writer’s journey of self-discovery and love after suffering two massive coronary events. Travel far off the beaten path in China with the author and his wife on his final trip after twelve years as a lecturer and editor in China. Over one hundred photos are available as a supplement to the essay.

Also Saturday April 17 – something for younger readers share it with your young family and friends.

Pony Anne and the Silver Lantern Express: The untold story of the only female pony express rider

Pony Anne and the Silver Lantern Express is a fanciful historical fiction about the only female Pony Express rider. On Christmas Eve, 1860 Anne takes the reins for her injured fiance and delivers the mail. Along the way Anne meets a helpful, but mysterious stranger named Klaus driving a sleigh across the deep snow. The stranger gives Pony Anne a magical silver lantern that helps her family through hard times for generations. Enjoy this charming Christmastime tale of: courage, dedication and love set on America’s frontier.

And on the anniversary of the daring Doolittle Raid in World War Two

Sunday April 18- When Thunder Comes: The untold story of the Doolittle Raiders Chinese rescuers.

On April 18, 1942, sixteen American B-25 bombers audaciously attacked the Japanese mainland in what became known as the Doolittle Raid, and afterwards fifteen crews were forced to make emergency landings or parachute into China. By the middle of the summer of 1942 an estimated 250,000 Chinese people were killed in retribution for assisting the Doolittle Raiders, and tens of thousands more died or were permanently disabled by the lingering pathogens of the Japanese biological weapons used in further retaliation. When Thunder Comes includes many never before translated details from provincial archives related to the Doolittle Raiders .

You can see the my archive of photographs that go with the book by going to:

My wife and I did a lot of field research in the Chinese countryside and helped document the crash sites of two of the Raiders B-25s. I spent time with many old people who were witnesses to the Doolittle Raiders evacuation from China. Much of the information in the book has never appeared in English before.

Enjoy all these free books and thank you for reading. It’s great to be here on this side of the pandemic.

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