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I am celebrating my immunity to the Covid-19 virus. No matter how long the immunity lasts, I feel as if I have been given a new lease on life. Please enjoy two of my books FREE on Amazon on April 17. An amazing World War Two historical book will be available free on Sunday – the anniversary of the daring Doolittle Raid in 1942.

Searching for Su Shi: Discovering the genius poet’s final transformation

Enjoy this journey of discovery. Read never before translated recipes for medicinal wine and Dongpo Pork created by the happy genius poet/artist. Learn about the two thousand year old Taoist meditation known as “sitting and forgetting”. Follow the writer’s journey of self-discovery and love after suffering two massive coronary events. Travel far off the beaten path in China with the author and his wife on his final trip after twelve years as a lecturer and editor in China. Over one hundred photos are available as a supplement to the essay.
Su Shi (1037-1101) was one of the greatest poets, calligraphers, pharmacologists, artists, and writer of the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Su Shi, or Su Dongpo (his art name) was one of the greatest literary figures in Chinese history. He is often referred to as a polymath (master of many disciplines). Su Shi was a devoted Taoist and studied the greatest Taoist master Zhuangzi (4th Century BC) his whole life.
In this essay I explore my lifelong fascination with Chinese art and Taoism. During the twelve years I was a lecturer and editor in China, I traveled to many out-of-the way places with my wife. Hainan Island is the focus of our travels in this long read. I explore the origins of my fascination with Chinese thoughts and how this fascination saved my life; helped me meet my wife; and set me on the path of self-discovery.

BONUS – Second Book. A book for younger readers.

Pony Anne and the Silver Lantern Express: The untold tale of the only female pony express rider

Pony Anne and the Silver Lantern Express is a fanciful historical fiction about the only female Pony Express rider. On Christmas Eve, 1860 Anne takes the reins for her injured fiance and delivers the mail. Along the way Anne meets a helpful, but mysterious stranger named Klaus driving a sleigh across the deep snow. The stranger gives Pony Anne a magical silver lantern that helps her family through hard times for generations. Enjoy this charming Christmastime tale of: courage, dedication and love set on America’s frontier.

FREE on Sunday April 18 When Thunder Comes

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