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Amazon has just launched the new mobile-first Kindle Vella for serialized stories. Stories are published one episode at a time. The first three episodes of every story are FREE! Subsequent episodes can be purchases using “tokens” which readers can buy in bundles.

I am happy to announce I currently have stories available on Amazon Vella. I am working on more. The following are two of my episodic stories.

Up the Rabbithole: A Silkpunk/Cyberpunk dystopian science-fiction story.

To rule society after a devastating plague, fifty families of Elites created the Musa Sapien symbiote. Outside the Elite citadels, the Dregs struggle for survival in dystopian Warrens. Guide by his covertly obtained symbiote, Rabbit uses all the cybernetic tools at his disposal to discover the metaphysical secrets of the old world in order to free the Dregs from Elite domination. Will technology or mystical wisdom be the key that opens the door to freedom? Read the Silkpunk “Up the Rabbithole”.

And my magical realism Young Adult fantasy: The Storybearer. This first story in this series is available: In the Realm of the Flower Phoenix.

Yang Mei, a legendary female artist, who inspired two of the greatest artists of the Tang Dynasty, Li Bai and Wu Daozi, summons into existence a mysterious world of art, poetry and wonder known as the Realm of the Flower Phoenix. Yang Mei becomes the first in a long line of Storybearers. For over twelve centuries the storybearers cultivate and expand upon the realm. Each subsequent generation of female artists adds to the Flower Phoenix handscroll. The keepers of the Flower Phoenix are called Storybearers. When the storybearer tells the story of the Flower Phoenix, the story comes alive and the storybearer brings the listeners into the Realm of the Flower Phoenix. The story opens on the night of storybearer Mabel Tao Yang’s 100th birthday, as she prepares to bequeath the Realm of the Flower Phoenix to the next generation.

The story is written in a magical realism style and includes elements of Chinese storytelling traditions. The settings are: modern day America, early 20th Century America and China, and the mid-8th Century Tang Dynasty.

Read the First three episodes of each for FREE. Please leave a thumbs up, and consider a review if you like the stories. I am excited about this new serialized format from Amazon. The format will be evolving over the next few months. The app is being updated this summer.

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4 replies on “New Serialized Stories”

    1. Thank you. I’ve always wanted to write a cyberpunk story. With my years of experience in China I decided to make it a “silkpunk” story. There’s a lot of Asian culture integrated into the narrative. Enjoy, more episodes to come.


      1. I love the -punk genres! I myself am a cyberpunk fan, but now I’m looking into solarpunk too. High five!

        And it’s amazing that you have your life experience to drive the details in your story 🙂


      2. Thank you. I based the setting for the story on my time in Hong Kong – with very high population density, and tropical southern China where I lived for many years. And many of the mystical, metaphysical aspects come from my years of studying Taoism and Chinese folk beliefs. Have a great week.


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