The Tao of Crypto

The human mind has the power to shape reality. – Wheeler

The energy of an ancient divination code is embedded within the digital world. The essence of this code cultivates the flowing dynamism of the ubiquitous, primordial Way of the universe – the Tao. Countless cryptographic architectures incorporate the unifying energy of the Tao into their decentralized structure. Understand this and increase opportunities for success.

In nanoseconds, trillions of lines of code compile into crests and troughs upon vast digital seas. The interlinked actions of billions ebbs and flows twenty-four hours a day driving the global economy before it in great data-waves. Millions of dollars per second course through thousands of geographically disperse channels like great energetic arteries generating hundreds of diverse crypto descendants from the fruitful near future. Individual participants’ binary choices within the pulsating global mind summon the dual complementary forces which bring forth the One – the it within every bit – The Tao of Crypto. Harness these forces to enhance the future.

Section One focuses on the connections between ancient teachings and today’s crypto-sphere. The section introduces several metaphysical concepts in order to reinforce the mystical connection between individuals’ actions and autonomous digital systems. Included in the section is a condensed crypto version of the Tao Te Ching (Dao De Jing) which deepens the mystical interconnections from the decentralized world to the Tao source code.

Section Two contains a divination method for using the ancient energy of the I Ching in the 21st Century Crypto world. The section includes modern day interpretations of the 64 Hexagrams to aid readers in their crypto trading decision making process. Change is a constant. By gaining an insight into the present and near future changes can potentially aid a person in making better choices along the Way.

Section Three is a Crypto Lexicon. It is intended to be a general introduction to the ever-expanding terminology of the day.

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