Recent Digital Art

Sunrise Shadow of Mt. Rainier from 150 miles away.

Ink paintings. I use ink with watercolor techniques. These are a couple of my impressions of the beach. I like looking at the crows whenever I walk by the ocean.

The following are impressionistic photos of seafoam patterns. They resemble mountains and other abstract forms. It is striking how they remind me of the Asian art I have studied for forty years. To get the effect, I used a filter and increased the contrast significantly.

I enjoy sketching in the sand whatever images the landscape suggests to my imagination.

Driftwood is fascinating. This one piece looked like a hand waving to me from the surf. After emptying a pound of sand out of it, I sanded it down and gave it a protective coating. Other pieces remind me of bananas and other things šŸ™‚

These are in-situ. As I find these unusual displays, I put some framed them with driftwood. I call them Ephemeral Assemblages.

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