I am certain we will witness the birth of a Neo-Transcendentalism in the 21st Century

Fat Bear Week is Here: Vote Today

Enjoy a fun, new live sporting competition. Katmai National Park and Preserve’s annual Fat Bear Week has arrived. Each year the park holds a celebration of the brown bear’s ability to fatten up for the winter. This fattening up process is critical to the bears’ survival. You can see the various contestants and learn more […]

Recipe for Joy in Life’s Berry Patch

A somewhat satirical extended metaphor Some of the sweetest berries grow among the sharpest thorns. – Gaelic Proverb Life is like a berry patch The thick brambles of challenges Can seem like impenetrable obstacles Though the passage requires effort Take mindful steps Discover the way forward Prickly sorrowful thorns abound While wounds of disappointment And […]

Free Essay Collection July 12

China’s over three hundred million Millennials remain relatively unknown internationally. They are the wellspring for the Chinese Dream. Chinese, Dreaming is a collection of writing and cultural observations about modern China selected from thousands of university students.