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The Tao of Crypto – Hits #6 on Amazon

Recent Publication

One of my poems was recently published in the Summer issue of Poetry Quarterly, which was published at the end of December, 2020

Career as Foreign Editor and Lead Writer for monthly magazine and weekly newspaper in Hangzhou, China

I was the editor and lead writer for a monthly provincial magazine and weekly newspaper in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. These are PDF files of a few issues of the magazine.

I was also interviewed numerous times by various newspapers.

An American Ham in China

My not so illustrious acting career

I did some acting while in China also. The pay was always the same no matter how many hours I worked – 600 RMB. There was no contract, just cash up front in some cases, and faith in others.

I played a Russian officer on the New Fourth Army TV show. The episode was filmed at Hengdian Movie Studios – the world’s largest studio. It was a very interesting experience.

Here is a two minute clip of the fourteen hour shoot for five minutes of air time. At least I ended up next to the stars. Read the description on YouTube.

I was the spokesmodel for a Chinese wallpaper paste. YES! Check out the shoot on YouTube. (includes shots my wife and one of my daughters.)

We got to meet some very interesting people also. During a VIP tour of Hengdian (another visit) we met the Monkey King. it was a thrill. Check out a short clip we shot. Monkey King said hello before being chased off the set.

Musical Puppet Show.

Along with my daughter, and assisted by my wife (my acting agent 🙂 I played a former Olympian in a musical puppet show tribute to Li Ning, He is from Guangxi Province where I was teaching at the top university. Li Ning won six medals in the 1984 Olympics – the PRC’s first Olympics. He was the man who ran around the top of the Olympic stadium in 2008.

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