Doolittle’s Raiders 1942

When Thunder Comes – Doolittle’s Raiders and their Chinese rescuers

This page is dedicated to the Doolittle Raiders and their Chinese rescuers. While living in China, it was my honor to research some of the history of the Chinese who helped rescue the Doolittle’s Raiders in 1942.

I was the foreign editor and lead writer for a monthly magazine and weekly newspaper in Zhejiang province at the time. At the same time I was a university lecturer at one of the top universities in the province.

I also participated in the exploration and discovery of two crash sites for Plane 3 and Plane 14 in remote regions of eastern China. The following photographs document some of my field research as part of When Thunder Comes.

Quzhou Air Station Cave Shelter where the Raiders were safeguarded. I was told by local historians I was the first American to see the cave since 1942.

Photographs for When Thunder Comes

Plane 3 Field Research – Remote mountains outside Jiangshan, Zhejiang province

Plane 14 Field Research – Liu Family Village, Guangfeng City, Jiangxi Province (border with Zhejiang)

Quzhou – the Raiders’ destination airfield

Thunder on the Mountain – Tianmushan Mountain, Zhejiang Province, where General Doolittle landed

Documenting History, researcher, archives and my students’ translations

The Greatest Generation – My father’s heroic World War Two service

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