Greatest Generation – My Heroic Father’s World War Two Service

This is a watercolor painting I did of my Dad based on a photograph of him when he was inducted into the Navy at 18. He enlisted in his senior year of high school .

You can see the effect combat has on a man in the photos below – one when he was in boot camp, the other after three years of combat.

My Dad was the mechanic and tail gunner on a PV-1 Navy bomber. This was taken next to his plane before a mission. They were flying off Tinian Island, long before the Army arrived.

My Dad was a highly decorated World War Two combat veteran. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross four times and the Air Medal Six times.

My Pop died last year at the ripe old age of nearly 96. I will always be proud to be his son, and to tell his stories until the day I die. I can still hear his voice when I wander the beach. As a Navy boy from the American Midwest, he dearly loved the vastness of the ocean.

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