Sample Deep Beyond


Deep Beyond

Deep beyond the indefinable darkness before his eyes nestled a speck of uncertainty in J310008-John’s mind. He had been placed within the dark hollow for an essential test of his psyche shielding skills. To succeed J310008-John had to extricate himself by ascertaining the mental boundaries of the unlit space. By running his fingers along the floor J310008 was able to discern a slight slope towards one side of the space which he previously calculated to be approximately thirty hand widths by forty two hand widths with a ceiling rising above his reach. While retracing his path diagonally back towards the sloping edge of the confined space J310008-John found a recessed grate in what he determined had to be the center of the room. The circular metal grate was cemented in place and made a hollow sound when he rapped it with his knuckles, and from the musky dampness John determined the grate functioned as a drain. J310008-John methodically ran his hands over every square centimeter of the walls several times and placed his ear against each wall in several positions and was only able to hear a very slowly humming along the colder wall which he figured might be an exterior wall due to the difference in temperature.

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