The Unknown

One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end. – Krishnamurti Currently we all face an uncertain future for ourselves and our loved ones, for our friends, coworkers and strangers alike. We all are in this together. A cloud of unknowns has descended upon us. There are […]

Be Informed, Be Safe, Be Healthy

I just read an article about a great online tool for tracking the Covid-19 virus pandemic. I wanted to share it with all of you around the world. It displays data for every country: active cases, recovered cases, fatal cases. As a father of four and former teacher, I think it is important to share […]

Making a Better Future

Optimism is a strategy for making a better future. Because unless you believe that the future can be better, you are unlikely to step up and take responsibility for making it so. – Noam Chomsky This is no time for pessimism, hatred and fatalism. Globally, societies are being disrupted and lives are being threatened. Humanity […]