My Dad, My Hero, Decorated World War Two Combat Veteran

I have been thinking a lot about my father the past few weeks. He has been in the hospital twice (for multiple issues) during the covid-19 pandemic. He is 95 years old and had some major health issues to deal with this spring. And I am thousands of miles away. My wonderful brother, sister and […]

Feel Our Humanity

Fear makes us feel our humanity. – Benjamin Disraeli (A Prose Poem of Hope) A grim, gray fear fills the sky. Trembling uneasiness shivers in cold shadows. But shuddered windows and bolted doors offer little comfort. So many are greeted by dim wraiths in the mirror and shadows lurking down darkened halls,. Precious sweet dreams […]

Be Informed, Be Safe, Be Healthy

I just read an article about a great online tool for tracking the Covid-19 virus pandemic. I wanted to share it with all of you around the world. It displays data for every country: active cases, recovered cases, fatal cases. As a father of four and former teacher, I think it is important to share […]