Uncertainty Quicksilver Sample

Sample Uncertainty Quicksilver

Alice entered the shimmering bio-steel security portico of New Hanoi’s Gương Quán (Looking Glass) Café. North American Sheeting, the company she represented, needed the metallic glass technology possessed by ZenCo whose representative Alice was meeting for ultra-tea. Alice resisted her instinct to shut her eyes during the three second multi-spectrum scan, and her extensive training let her ignore the perception of invasive probing from the virtual tendrils that whipsawed ten nanometers above her body creating a topological molecular map of her exterior, but the various molecular level exotic particle detectors ping-ponging into her subcutaneous tissue never failed to give Alice goose bumps. Only after the portico’s interior light changed to green did the inner door open.

Alice’s eyes needed a few seconds to adjust to the bluish shadows of the cool interior. During her ultra-tea training classes she had failed repeatedly to disrobe nonchalantly, causing the affective biosensors to disallow her acceptance into the cleaning chamber.

“You must reject your timidity.” Dinah Chester her trainer, scolded Alice who stood half naked and shivering in the practice room.

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