Xi'an Sample

Traveling Chinese Style

As my wife Hong is Chinese, we travel “Chinese style”. Chinese hotels provide a water boiler as a standard item since tap water is not potable. When traveling Chinese style the first thing you do is boil water to wash all the cups and glasses, then the toilet seat, faucet towel racks, and coat hangers. After cleaning fill each cup and glass with boiled water. Chinese hotels provide for your basic needs by supplying not only soap and shampoo but also a toothbrush, toothpaste and a comb. At the end of the day, after taking a shower, you hang a clothesline, if one isn’t provided, in order to do laundry. We bring easy to pack fold-able hangers Most Chinese people travel light and simply wash out their clothes instead of packing many changes of clothes. One of the very first things you adjust to when living in China is having your own personal towel. When traveling, people bring their own towels, and wash cloth, wherever they go. The towel is a standard size hand towel and is hand-washed and hung up to dry after use.

Many Chinese hotels offer a complimentary breakfast buffet. The standard hotel breakfast can include: steamed buns (baozi), bread, hot soy milk, fruit, fried rice, hard-boiled eggs, rice porridge (zhou), noodles, assorted breakfast rolls, bacon or ham, and if you are lucky some local dishes. I would bring Maxwell House 3-in-1 (milk, sugar, coffee) instant coffee packets wherever I went. Generally there is a toaster as well which often was only used by me and curious children. Kids love so-called “Western” foods an are the reason KFC and other American fast food restaurants have been successful in China. Other than a couple plates of Chinese food my standard meal included a bacon/ham sandwich or two.

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